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Downlight Covers

Fire Safety. Energy Efficiency. Air Tightness. Condensation Barrier. Eco friendly construction.



  • Best value product on the market @ €7 per unit

  • No carcinogenic materials used in production.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • No plastics.
  • Bio-degradable.
  • Simple and easy to install, on new projects and retrofits.
  • Large air space volume (3 litre) to safely disperse heat build up.
  • Designed to safely cover recessed light fittings where they penetrate a cold attic space and also between floors.
  • Safe to insulate over to achieve 100% coverage of insulation material throughout the project.
  • When properly fitted will provide an air-tight barrier to prevent heat loss, cold air infiltration and condensation around the light fitting.
  • Thermally safety Tested to BS EN 60598-1, Luminaires, dichroic and aluminium reflector.
  • Can be used with halogen fittings up to 50 watt (dichroic and aluminium reflector) or LED fittings.


Downlight Covers for loft insulation

Dimensions of Downlight Cover unit: 200mm diameter at base. 120mm deep. 150mm diameter at top.


Please read the following carefully prior to placing an order

  • Minimum order quantity of 6 units.

  • €7 per unit (ex shipping).

  • Quantity discounts for orders over 100 units (contact seller)

  • IMPORTANT: Relevant contact number for our delivery driver will be required when placing your order (please see our terms and conditions under "placing an order")


Please note that 6 units is our mininum order quantity. Orders below this amount will be refunded and may incur a Paypal charge.

Mainland UK orders only (20 shipping charge)

Mainland Ireland orders only (10 shipping charge)


Drafts and cold spots caused by recessed lighting

When the heating in your home is switched on the air heats up and expands. Heated air rises and with the increase in pressure it will push towards the highest point of your house. The heated air will force its way out through any penetration in the fabric of your house including penetrations for recessed lights. You now have a leakage of warm air and this leakage will create suction. Cold air will be drawn in through fireplaces, service penetrations, under doors  and windows and anywhere that is not completely air-tight. cold air will also drop from the roof space causing a downward cold air channel. The only effective way to treat this issue is to reduce warm air leakage as much as possible as when less warm air leaks out, less cold air is drawn and forced in.

Install Downlight Covers over all recessed light penetrations to cold roof spaces!

Insulation levels in the roof space should be kept constant and un-broken but insulation coverage alone will not prevent cold down-drafts. Downlight Covers, when fitted as instructed, will create an air-tight seal around recessed light penetrations and totally eliminate the cold draft effect around the recessed light penetration. The sealed Downlight Cover can then be insulated over allowing for full and uncompromised levels of roof insulation.  

Warning: Never use clay flower pots to cover recessed light fittings. they do not allow the heat to dissipate away from the fitting and can cause overheating.



 g charge regardless of order size to UK

Trade enquiries welcome. Quantity discounts available.

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Correct Installation of Down-light Covers to achieve air-tightness

(the unit may also be placed loose over the light fitting where air-tightness is not required)

Fitting Downlight Covers  

<- Step 1

Thoroughly clean the area surrounding the cut-out, ensuring the surface is dust free.


Step 2 ->

Apply grip - grab adhesive to the entire rim area and cable entry of the Downlight Cover unit.

Mastic on Downlight Cover
fitted Downlight Cover  

<- Step 3

Place the Downlight Cover unit centrally over the cut-out and press down to seal.


Step 4 ->

Apply further adhesive to the cable entry to seal for air-tightness

Fitted Downlight Cover
downlight cover with insulation  

<- Step 5

The fitted Downlight Cover unit can now be covered  completely and safely with thermal insulation material.





  • Facilitates continuous and efficient levels of loft insulation.
  • Assists in the achievement of dwelling air tightness.
  • Eliminates draughts and cold air infiltration around the fitting.
  • Simple and quick to install.
  • Suitable for standard halogen up to 50w and LED lighting.
  • Fire resistant Construction.
  • No loose material around the light fitting to ignite.
  • Thermally tested, as required, to BS EN 60598-1, 50w halogen max.
  • Fast delivery service UK and Ireland


Dimensions of Downlight Cover unit: 200mm diameter at base. 120mm deep. 150mm diameter at top.







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